[EN] World of Warships: Legends — October Update Stream

Are you ready for what's coming? The Legends team got your back anyway! Let's check out what the new update brings, shall we? For everyone who’s already busy with seasonal preparations or actual trick-or-treating, here's the TLDR:

• Halloween event with another return of Rasputin.
• The Fortress campaign with Soviet Tier VIII Premium cruiser Kronshtadt as the ultimate reward.
• German alternate battleships become researchable, with Tier VIII Prinz Rupprecht leading the way.
• Legendary French battleship Bourgogne Bureau Project.
• Tier VII Bayard, V Ark Royal and V Perth make their debut
• And more, of course!

Check out our patchnotes:

EN https://wowsl.co/3QlAhPJ
DE https://wowsl.co/3x3lMZZ
FR https://wowsl.co/3Rh71uN
JA https://wowsl.co/3TOUGQ1
RU https://wowsl.co/3RqcOhN
ES-MX https://wowsl.co/3Rh7FIJ
PT-BR https://wowsl.co/3ARBI2N

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