Encel Gelati Loudspeakers

Encel Gelati, is a bookshelf speaker offered in a variety of uniquely flavoured lacquer and woodgrain cabinets, including Birch Black, Vanilla, Caramel Walnut, and Pistachio. Additionally, they're conveniently adaptable to the surrounds of your listening space, with twelve magnetic grilles in shades such as Eucalyptus Green, Ocean Blue, Lemon Yellow and Coffee Brown. Swapping them out takes seconds, allowing you to choose and change your speakers' appearance. Encel Gelati speakers are supplied without grilles, so you can choose your flavour and personalise their look.

Get the full story at: https://www.stereonet.com/au/news/an-iconic-name-returns-to-market-with-encel-gelati-bookshelf-speakers
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