"END GAME" Home Theater with TRINNOV - Interview With Mr Tom Garrett - TRINNOV

MUST WATCH - Interview with @Trinnov Audio Tom Garrett where I ask him all of the burning questions about the Trinnov, AV, and the Home Theater industry, and his thoughts on where he sees the future of home theater , Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X Auro3D and other emerging sound formats.

I met Tom at the StereoNET Melbourne HIFI Show where he was partnered with @Krix Loudspeakers and I got to spend some time with Tom and the crew at Krix to see behind the curtain.

Find out more at: http://www.trinnov.com & www.krix.com.au

#trinnov #krix #hometheater

00:00 -Intro
01:15 -Trinnov in the marketplace
02:42 -Favourite Film To Demo
03:48 -Affordable Trinnov?
04:24 -Krix & Trinnov
05:49 -Trinnov Features
07:27 -Trinnov Strategy
09:27 - Tom's Setup
10:53 -The Future of Home Cinema

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