Ep37 Artillery Ships ⚙️ Ship Blocks ⚙️ Gameplay, Lets Play

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Want your own Artillery Ships?

Want to play along? Here is the Map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yPoURAbTDRP18ywmPafIwH8NwtGoGeto/view?usp=sharing
Alternative Save file provided by Redmew:

After Completing Factorio on a 45, I wanted something a bit more sane, a bit more 'normal' and something we could enjoy together. I wanted a game style I had not completed before so when a City Block base was suggested I jumped at the chance, but why trains? Everyone has done trains before! Why not make things a bit more challenging and use Boats! This is where Sea Block was born! As water would block my pathing as well as the Biters They also got a upgrade and can now spawn, walk and attack across the water.

Big thank you to Redmew who provided the code to make this series possible

Mod List
Bullet Trails
Cargo Ships + Graphics
Inbuilt Lighting
Max Rate Calcuclator
Noxy Swimming
Where is My body (ZwerOxotnik's derivative)
Companion Drones

#Factorio #SeaBlocks #Boats #FactorioShips #ShipBlocks #SeaBlock

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