ESP LTD Eclipse EC-1000T CTM! -A Fishman Loaded, Flamed Top, Full Thickness BEAST Of A Guitar!

Dagan checks out the awesome SP LTD Eclipse EC-1000T CTM in its gorgeous See Thru Black Cherry finish! Mixing traditional aesthetics and appeal, with the kind of voicing options a modern player would love the ESP LTD EC-1000T CTM ticks every box a guitar player needs!

Grab your own ESP LTD EC-1000T CTM See Thru Black Cherry at PMT Online here -

The LTD Deluxe Series guitars are designed to offer the awesome tone, feel, looks, and quality that ESP are known for, without busting the bank! With the EC-1000T CTM, the “T” stands for “traditional”, referring to this model’s full-thickness body which features chambered weight relief, with no waist-cut contouring like the typical EC-1000 model.

The ESP LTD Eclipse EC-1000T CTM is powered by a set of Fishman Fluence Open Core Classic Humbucker pickups with push-pull controls to select between three different voicings, offering the tone and response of both active and passive pickup tones, as well as single-coil tones!

00:00 Intro Tones!
00:51 What Is The LTD EC-1000T & Why It’s Awesome!
02:09 Specs, Features, Hardware & Tonewoods
03:01 All Four Voicings Of The Fishman Fluence Open Core Pickups
06:37 Tone Demo - Dirty
08:52 Tone Demo - Clean
10:34 One Last Dirty Tone!
11:12 Final Thoughts

Rock the rest of the rig Dagan uses in this video at PMT Online below:
Blackstar HT Stage 100w MKII Head -
Two Notes Torpedo Captor X -

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