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Full transcript:
Hey everyone, Shane here with Today, I have a 2021 Chrysler Pacifica, and I wanna walk you through how to install the CURT Custom Vehicle Wiring Harness with four-pole flat trailer connector. This is what it's gonna look like when it's installed. The kit does not come with this four-pole bracket, however, you can pick one up here etrailer to give your wiring a more permanent mounting location. The wiring harness is designed to give your trailer the proper lighting functions so your legal and safe, brake signal, turn signals and your running lights. It's gonna come with a nice dust cap, so when you're not using it, it will keep any dirt and debris off the plug itself.

This wiring harness is going to install directly to the factory plugs and behind each taillight. It is gonna be compatible with five, six, and seven pole adapters, which you can find here at etrailer depending on how your trailer is set up. It's gonna give it three amps per circuit for our stop and turn signals, six amps per circuit for a taillights. As far as the installation process, pretty simple and straightforward. As I mentioned earlier, it's gonna plug directly in behind each taillight.

It is gonna be outside the vehicle, the only thing that's going to be a little bit difficult, and I don't really wanna say it's difficult, is the easiest way to run this is to pull the outer edges of your fascia out because there's very limited space between here and the plastic piece that's underneath of it to get the plugs up inside. So to make it easier on yourself, take your screws out, pop panels out, and you can just slide your wire in and then up to your taillights. Now we've gone over some of the features, we'll walk you through how to get it installed. To start our installation, we're gonna remove the two bolts on our taillight and this one down here. These are six point star bits, if you don't have one, you can use a flat head to get those out.

We're gonna pull back on our taillight, push the red tab up, push black tab down, and disconnect your light, set your light aside, your gonna repeat that on the other side of the vehicle. Now what I recommend, we're not gonna be taking the fascia all the way off, but we are gonna be loosening this side. Because everything up here is so tight, it's gonna be easier to loosen this to get our wiring ran up over here with this fascia loose. I recommend taping these two lines here so that as you are trying to run your wiring through there, if one panel overlaps the other, you don't cause any damage. And we're gonna take an eight millimeter socket, inside the wheel well, we're gonna have four screws we need to take out, here, here, here, and then one that's directly behind the tire on the bottom.

And we're gonna take a 10 millimeter socket straight up from this point there's a bolt. It ties this panel to this panel, we need to remove that as well. Right on the top here, we're gonna pull out this fastener, we use a plastic trim panel tool so we don't damage the paint. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna start on the corner right here and we're gonna start pulling it loose all the way up to here. Once you get up to here, you just kind of lift and this'll pull this over top of these pads. Again, we're not taking it all the way off, so we're not going all the way to the middle. We're just going to here to give us some room to get our wiring up to there. So this is what you're looking for. We're gonna take the big bundle of black wire that comes in our kit. One end, we're gonna strip it back. We're going to add on a heat shrink butt connector. The kit comes with butt connectors, but I recommend going with a heat shrink butt connector. Install it this way because it is gonna be outside the vehicle and the heat shrink will help protect the connection from corrosion. We'll add it onto the black wire coming off of our converter box. Then we'll take our heat source and shrink it up. If you don't have a heat gun, you can find one here at etrailer. We're gonna take the end with our yellow and brown wires, we're gonna feed it behind her fascia. We're gonna plug it into the correct plugs, and this one will go in place of your taillight. What I also recommend doing, is this fastener right here, because your taillight fits in there kind of tight, just take this fastener off and tuck this wire down inside there, so then
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