Eurorack patching for beginners #1 - It's all just voltage

Eurorack is super fun and exciting, but also pretty confusing if you're just getting started. There are a lot of questions about how things get hooked together, how different types of information (pitch, gates, etc) are moved around in the patch, if you can damage anything if you do it wrong, why audio is so much louder, how you can reduce and shift voltage in a patch, and more.

In this first video of a beginner's series I try to answer those questions - not digging into the modules specifically, but how they get connected together and communicate with each other.

I know that things go by pretty fast, so you can see and download the slides & diagrams from here: https://bit.ly/basicpatching1

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:33 - Our friend, the patch cable
00:02:50 - It's all just voltage
00:03:53 - The four types of signal
00:06:02 - Exploring a basic patch
00:06:57 - Standards in Eurorack
00:08:32 - Taming the voltage
00:09:44 - Can I break it?
00:10:50 - Why is the audio so loud?
00:11:55 - Wrapping up
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