Excel DC Tour Demo with Zach Comtois | D'Angelico Guitars

See the Excel DC Tour's specs and features: https://bit.ly/3U4JFtC

Watch as Zach Comtois walks you through the array of tones on our new Excel DC Tour.

00:00 - Intro
02:24 - Neck Pickup - Dry
02:35 - Bridge & Neck Pickup - Dry
02:46 - Bridge Pickup - Dry
03:04 - Neck Pickup - Amp Drive
03:13 - Bridge & Neck Pickup - Amp Drive
03:23 - Bridge Pickup - Amp Drive
03:34 - Neck Pickup - Delay + Amp Reverb
04:21 - Bridge & Neck Pickup - Tremolo + Amp Drive + Reverb
04:57 - Bridge Pickup - Drive + Amp Reverb

The Excel Series Tour Collection contains new variations of fan-favorite models—stripped down yet undeniably professional grade. Built with the gigging player in mind, the Excel DC Tour is both exceptionally well-constructed and highly playable. It retains beloved elements of its standard Excel Series counterpart in its ebony fingerboard and sleek body shape, but features a refined electronics configuration consisting of a single volume and tone knob. All-new Supro Bolt Buckers provide a wide range of warm and crystal clear humbucker tones while 50s-style wiring retains top-end clarity as the volume knob is rolled off. Representing a more minimalistic D'Angelico aesthetic, the Excel DC Tour features a Throwback Scroll-Style headstock with custom Vintage Deluxe tuners from Grover and small diamond fingerboard inlays complemented by 1930s-inspired diamond f-holes on its 16-inch wide body. Available in Solid Wine, Solid Black, and Slate Blue.

About D’Angelico:
Founded in 1932 by John D’Angelico, D’Angelico Guitars is a New York City-based guitar brand built on the history of one of the most revered luthiers of all time. Committed to maintaining the legacy of its original founder, D’Angelico intends to both honor its roots and build ambitiously toward the future.

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