EXCELLENT Installation - Android 11.0 Multimedia Unit on PEUGEOT 407 | RD4 Unit replaced

Hi guys, something a little different from me, but why not, its content as well! I decided its time to replace the RD4 radio unit on my Peugeot 407, 2006, 2.0 HDI Diesel, as it still worked well but just lacks a lot of current functionality.

I watched another guy in Romania install a similar unit and it looked easy enough and I followed his link to the buyer on AliExpress and got a similar unit, although I think mine is a later version now, running Android 11.0 and his was 7.0. I will give his channel a shout out as he gave me the idea and his video helped guide, so credit where credit is due, Adrian Dragan, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDCRujTlqjHEp1ptHiusoeg.

I will link the seller I bought from and the exact unit. It shipped from Czech Republic via Germany to me in Romania, in 5 days, very responsive and no additional taxes or duty paid. The unit is exactly as advertised, boxed safely and well packed and comes with all cables, attachments and plastic tool for removing the screen and module. You will need a Torx 10 and 20 tool for removing the screws.

The process was relatively easy, especially changing out the original RD4 unit components. The new module and screen are all plug and play, no soldering or special cabling required, but it does take some work and a little adjusting to get the screen to click in flush (make sure it clicks, which it will), and to tuck the excess cabling behind the module to get it to slide in. They do finally line up very well.

I didn't install the rear camera or the parking speaker or the external microphone, as I don't need them. Also didn't connect any additional subwoofers or speakers. For those who might ask, yes I have the JBL package and the new unit powered it fine and sounded much better actually! The unit powered straight up, screen was responsive, all steering wheel controls worked, as well as AC and door alerts etc. The GPS antenna you will need to thread the cable through the glovebox and somehow behind the unit, we are going to drill a small hole inside the glovebox and run the cable through.

All in all, so fare so good and a great unit. The seller I would recommend, he responded to questions quickly via email and shipped quickly. His details on AliExpress:

Seller Store - LJDA: https://ljda.aliexpress.com/store/819309?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.518c5424AeJ3t4

Unit I bought: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32951172235.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.518c5424hLGvSE .

Unit cost was $323 USD and its the 16GB, Quad Core, which so far has been fine. Time will tell! I won't put anymore links in, as I am not a specialist car channel, this was just a one-off an decided to make a video that might help someone. Credit again to my mate Lucian who did the hard work! If anyone wants to get in touch about this video or just for a chat or has questions about any others, email me at [email protected] which is the channel email.

Stay safe...drum bun si multa sanatate.
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