Exegol preamp by Kuro Custom Audio - a vintage Sunn Model T in a box

Hi folks, today we will show you a fantastic preamp pedal: the Exegol by @Kuro Custom Audio. The Exegol is a FET preamp based on the almighty Sunn Model T. That means that you can easily reach "destruction" level with it.

However, as a preamp pedal, the Exagol is capable of way more than just heavy and super saturated tones. This pedal is really versatile; a must-have on your pedalboard. You can shape a lot of different tones with it. You can run the Exegol in front of your amp or in the effects loop. In this video, we're going to use the Exegol in front of the amp as a regular pedal.

Like any other Kuro Custom Audio pedal, each unit of the Exegol is handmade in Italy with care and love.

#sunnmodelt #doommetal #distortion

Use the following chapters to navigate through the video:
What are we doing today? - 00:00
Riff #1 - Squier Contemporary Jaguar HH in open C (bridge/humbucker) - 01:08
This is a two channels pedal (BRITE & NORMAL) - both channels are bridged - 01:21
Let's check the amount of gain on the NORMAL channel - 01:28
Let's check the amount of gain on the BRITE channel - 01:43
NORMAL vs BRITE - comparison - 02:17
Let's see how NORMAL and BRITE channels interact with each other - 02:54
The PRESENCE knob - this knob controls the overall brightness of the pedal - 03:56
The BASS knob - 04:28
The MID knob - 05:27
The TREBLE knob - 06:01
Let's find a nice tone for this riff - 06:23
Not bad! What do you think? - 07:27
Riff #2 - Squier Starcaster in E standard (neck) - 07:56
Looking for a nice "psych" sound - 08:06
Loving this tone. What do you think? - 09:02
Riff #3 - Squier Starcaster in E standard (bridge) - open chords - 09:27
The Exegol as a clean boost - 09:40
Looking for a nice medium-gain tone - 10:47
Nice Tone over here! - 11:50
Riff #4 - Squier Cabronita Telecaster Baritone in B standard (bridge) - 12:25
Looking for a nice low-gain tone - 12:39
Let's push the gain - 13:31
Doom goodness! - 14:27
Bye-bye - 15:08

Here you can find more info about the Exegol: https://bit.ly/3Q1KrpS

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