Exploring The Sounds Of The Universal Audio UAFX Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier Pedal

The UAFX Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier Pedal emulates the legendary American tweed tube amp used by The Eagles, Chuck Berry, Neil Young and more. The Woodrow ‘55 Pedal puts authentic tube growl and hot-rod mods at your fingertips (or feet), not to mention impressive room modeling capabilities for warm, natural reverb sounds.

Watch as Vintage King’s Kevin Schuck walks us through the Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier Pedal along with our friends, professional guitarists Lindsey Miller and Gideon Boley.

Time Stamps:
Time Stamps:
BLU15: 0:00 - 0:38
GB25 KP-3K: 0:38 - 1:21
Cab Selection: 1:21 - 4:04
Features Overview: 4:04 - 8:31
JP12 1: 8:31 - 9:39
JP12 2: 9:39 - 10:41
JP12 3: 10:41 - 11:30
JP12 EP-III: 11:30 - 12:36
GB25: 12:36 - 13:22

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Exploring The Sounds Of The Universal Audio UAFX Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier Pedal
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