Exposure Electronics 3510 Integrated Amplifier Review

Great mates Michael Evans and David Price have been arguing about hi-fi with one another for over forty years.

Mike has a huge wealth of knowledge thanks to his hi-fi retail background, and David’s been a hi-fi reviewer and/or editor since the early nineteen nineties – and is now Editor-in-Chief of StereoNET – so has picked up a few things along the way.

Every episode features the guys' unedited, unexpurgated views about all manner of weird and/or wonderful hi-fi designs.

The action takes place in Mike’s ‘hi-fi hut’, deep in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. With cows in the next field, mud everywhere and rain clouds overhead, it’s hardly Hollywood!

So crack open a can, and sit back on your sofa for off-the-cuff, one-take riffing about top kit.

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The top title tune is called ‘UFO/Mike’s Jumper’, and is used with the express permission of our old pal and rights holder Simon Lythe.

To read more on the Exposure 3510 integrated amplifier, catch David's StereoNET review here:

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