ExpressLRS Rx Antennas Compared

Numerically testing various ExpressLRS receiver frontends / antennas to see how much they affect the signal. This is more about the antenna style than the receiver itself, since almost all ELRS receivers have all the same parts.

RSSI8 (light blue) - FM30 - with amp, sleeved dipole, diversity
RSSI11 (dark blue) - EP2 - no amp, ceramic antenna
RSSI25 (orange) - BetaFPV no amp, flattie antenna
RSSI26 (light purple) - Axisflying no amp, dipole antenna
RSSI27 (pink) - Vantac with amp, monopole antenna
RSSI28 (dark purple) - BetaFPV with amp, dipole antenna

Higher resolution graph

Raw Data

0:00 - Modulator Tubes
0:19 - Receiver List
1:32 - Test Track
2:11 - Data Source
3:09 - Lower Tier
4:51 - Top 3
6:27 - Winner and Conclusion
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