F-1 World Grand Prix N64 - A Casual Review

The real Formula 1 game for the N64. In 1998 upon its release it was heralded for featuring all of the circuits, drivers* and teams and marketed itself as a true simulator. And it really was an impressive game. Featuring simplified setup options, changeable weather, pitstops and the ever popular 'challenge' mode, and F-1 World Grand Prix served as a blueprint for many Formula 1 games to come. Reliving all of the glory of the 1997 season with Michael Schumacher vs Jacques Villenueve, that's what it was all about!

So how does it hold up these days? Let's take a look!

I did this review using the Project64 emulator. The graphics have been scaled up otherwise it remains faithful to the original!

I use a Next Level Racing cockpit, Fanatec Wheels, Heusinkveld Pedals & Shifters and I love every second of it!

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0:00 Intro
2:47 Game Modes
4:10 Cars and Drivers
12:42 Tracks
17:56 Race Options
20:38 Setup Options
21:35 Race - Montreal
33:23 Race - Austria
40:50 Challenge Mode
41:20 Challenge - Barcelona
46:47 Challenge - Spa
52:54 Final Thoughts
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