Fabulous looking unbranded horn loudspeakers

Horn loudspeakers that are good lookers and sound good too. Bought 12 years ago from a high-end audiophile shop as these were made in Thailand for exclusive export to Japan but I had the last pair on the basis that they were not supposed to be sold outside of their manufacturing deal and these are unbranded and came in a plain cardboard packaging. They remained unboxed for 11 years and I had them shipped to Cornwall and finally unboxed then six months ago. They look beautiful but they underperform as I have them linked to a Cyrus One amp and I think they need to be paired with a high-end valve amp. I am selling them as I am looking at downsizing with a move and these won't fit into a lounge-kitchen combo.

I wanted to share the audio experience but the video was filmed with my phone.
** I am playing Elton John's greatest hits vinyl LP and I do not own the copyright and there is no copyright infringement intended. The music is playing to demonstrate the loudspeakers quality of sound.
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