FAQ of the Month - DIFFERENCE OF ESP, LTD, EDWARDS ETC, Strings Gauges, Klon Pedals- Episode #15 May

Welcome to our monthly FAQ!
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Presenter: @kennethkishandave
Producer: @thaqif4
Editor & Videographer: @emranmalek

0:00 Intro
0:20 Alternative to the Jamhub for Silent Jamming with Bandmates
0:58 String Gauges for Drop Tuning on 7 String
3:40 Compressor before or after Overdrive & Distortion Pedals
3:54 Klon as an Overdrive or Clean Boost?
4:52 Klon into TS or TS into Klon
5:00 Recommended Gear for the Month
5:59 Adios Sayonara

Equipment Used:
Rode Wireless GO
Rode Lavalier GO
Audient ID14 Interface

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