Faraday DIY Box

Over the years we have received a lot of requests for a DIY Faraday Cage Kit. In the past we have recommended using our EMP cloth but in most cases this was cost prohibitive and the cloth does not work well when used with a cardboard or wooden box. After some trial and error we have identified some really nice conductive barrier and tape that applies easily to any style box. The conductive barrier is really nice to work with and forms really tight seals against any edge. The conductive tape helps to secure the seals and provide an extra layer of protection at wear points. The cage that we built was 24″x24″x24″ and offered 67dB of shielding at 100mHz. This means that this cage reduced the electric field by 99.9% which provides more than enough protection in the case of an EMP. We are offering this exact kit on Disaster Preparer.com (less the box) OR you can purchase just the material and tape to build your own Faraday Cage kit using your own box of any size. This can be purchased at the following link:

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