Fender American Original 60s Stratocaster | Fractal Audio FM9

According to the neck stamps, this one was born on June 21, 2021. So now I will always think of it as a Covid baby, although its heritage is nearly 60 years old. I asked my friend at Fender Australia for a period correct 60s or 50s Strat. I couldn't afford a Custom Shop or MasterBuilt so this came up as a possibility. Yes! That'll do. And it sure does. I can relic it myself with real wear and tear (nitro finish); the pickups sound sublime, the build is exact and tight, the look is right, the sound is right, and thank you Fender for the 9.5" radius and bridge pickup tone control. The American Original 60s Strat is not featherweight but not heavy either at around 3.5kg. Sold! Now I have to get the 50s version..
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