Fender Harvard Solid State Turns in to Fender Harvard Tube/Valve Amp Part 1

Fender Harvard Solid State guitar amplifier from the late 70s is converted in to a Fender Harvard Valve/Tube amp using the original schematic from the 1950s. This little push pull guitar amp with two 6v6 tubes for the output kicks ass and was a bit of challenge to build in a small cabinet. The amp has a 10 inch speaker. The original Fender speaker was blown when I purchased the amp off ebay. We replace this with a Celestion 10 in it's place. This project is not just about building a guitar amplifier. It's also about seeing if we can replicate the Fender Harvard from the original schematic. This amp being extremely rare and the fact I have never even seen one here in the United Kingdom makes this an interesting project. But what will be the end result?
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