Fender Vibrosonic Reverb Silverface + JBL E130 = Perfect SRV Tone!

#vibrosonicreverb #jble130 #srvtone

Here is a demo of my Vibrosonic Reverb ‘79 (modded) with the JBL E130 and I wanted to thank my excellent friend Vivien Verdier for his precious tips regarding the JBL speaker! Anyway it’s for me the best HP in the WORLD for SRV lovers, Philip Sayce….

Gear used :
Fender Strat
Vibrosonic Reverb ‘79 (modded) + JBL E130

Timmy overdrive V2
Ibanez TS10
Vox Clyde McCoy Wha ‘68
Fender The Pinwheel
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
Texas Square Face « The Preacher » by Homestead Amp
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