Fieldsports Britain – Tim's fabulous driven hunt

Tim Pilbeam has never seen so many shootable animals. He goes on an Aimpoint driven game hunt in Sweden, where herds of fallow and great sounders of boar go crashing past him – and it is his job to shoot them with his rifle mounted with an Aimpoint sight. He has a wonderful time.

Back in the UK, after weeks when Devon & Cornwall shooters have had their guns seized by armed police, often calling during darkness, a shooter is brave enough to say no to officers on his doorstep, and refuse to let them in. We talk to Chris Hart about how and why he did that. We are giving away a PBiR illuminator (from PBiR Illluminations) priced at around £100, David brings you the news on the News Stump, and Charlie has the top hunting and shooting videos on Hunting YouTube. Once again, it’s all in #FieldsportsBritain.

Here are the links to the individual items in this show:

▶ Aimpoint driven hunt
Aimpoint sights

▶ Fieldsports News
DEFRA changes general licences guidance –
Police refuse to release confiscated guns – + Paul Cox GoFundMe:
Lurcher boys in the spotlight – + +
Zahawi axes gamekeeping qualification –
Boris chum may not have his trophy ban parade –
Regulator criticises Packham over zoo fundraising –
Hunts shine while police arrest sabs – + +
Trophy tuna bring tourism to the South-West – +
WWF vs Swedish wolf cull –
Barrage of bullets as grizzly attacks hunting party –
Zimbabwe counts the toll of human-wildlife conflicts –
Fallow has a go at a boar –

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British Shooting Show 2022 tickets:
PBiR Illuminations

▶ Shooter resists police

▶ Podcast

▶ Hunting YouTube
For the films in this week's Hunting YouTube, go to Hunting YouTube, episode 632:

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