Fiending for some BASS 4 18" Subwoofers, violent excursion! 30,000 watt system still breaks stuff!

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Sometimes i just fiend for some hard hitting BASS. Glad i have the Tahoe to play with when i get the urge. It sounds as good as ever. I just don't have a lot of time in my busy schedule to play with it as much as i want. One thing is for sure, the recent upgrade to 14v (group 31) batteries (charging at 17v) made the system feel a LOT more aggressive and VIOLENT.

System consists of:

4 Mechman 400a Elite Series Alternators
10 XS Power D14-31 14v Batteries (charging at 17v dc)
Skyhigh 2/0 OFC Power and Ground wire (multiple runs)
SMD Fuse Blocks/Grounding blocks
Sony RSX GS9 Head unit
Ipad Pro 13" Screen
SMD LED Monitoring (Temperature, Bass/highs output, Voltage)
8 T2500.1 BD CP Amplifiers (BASS)
2 T1000.4 Amplifiers (midbass/midrange)
1 T600.2 (tweets)
8 T1 6.5" MIdbass
2 4" Midrange (custom)
2 8" P2 Subs (doors)
10 1" T1 Tweeters
4 18" SMD v2 Subwoofers
Ported box tuned to about 33hz

#bass #chevy #caraudio
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