Finally I can stop searching for the 1952 Blackguard Telecaster! | M.B. Guitars '52-T 'Blackguard'

Wow! This guitar is SO incredible! It's an M.B. Guitars '52-T 'Blackguard' handmade vintage replica!

Intro 00:00
About tuning stability 02:15
About the Pickup Tone 03:00
The front pickup 03:35
Mix setting (middle) 04:45 (Sunny)
About my Amp : 1967 Fender Pro Reverb (Eminence TF-1250s) 06:15
My song " Confidence Cat " intro riff 06:45
The Rear Pickup 07:00
Slap Guitar! 07:36
Back to the Rear Pickup : Lightnin' Hopkins Style 07:58
Single note picking tone 09:15
Mythos Mjolnir Overdrive Pedal / The Front Pickup 10:30
Mythos Mjolnir Overdrive Pedal / The Rear Pickup 11:12
Rhythm Guitar / The Front / The Middle / The Rear 11:38
About the pickups adjustment 12:12
About this maple neck 12:45
Back to the Front pickup to the Rear Pickup 13:38
A closer look at the guitar 14:12
Walking bass line & comping 17:00
Bb Jazz Blues Solo 17:23
Country Bend / The Rear Pickup 18:02
The middle setting / R&B Style 18:50
Back to the Front Pickup 19:24

1967 Fender Pro Reverb
For overdrive tone: Mythos Mjolnir Overdrive Pedal

More detailed information on MB Guitars : www.mbguitars.co.uk
Please follow his Instagram @mbguitarsuk

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