Fire due to short circuit part 4: Tips Electrical safety audits

How to make Electrical safety audits

Safety audits is the best technique to ensure safety in an electrical installation. Electrical safety audits if made as per the modern methods will be a preventive measure against the possible risk. But What to be audited and How to audit depends up on the knowledge of the auditor.

Most often unimportant subjects are audited, which do not produce any result. The IS732:1989 included 10 different testing, how ever this is yet to be practiced in India. It is not a surprise to know that there are safety auditors and trainers who are unaware of the recommended electrical safety requirements in the modern standards.

Part 4 of the webinar series “FIRE DUE TO SHORT CIRCUIT” explains the ways and methods of an electrical safety audit based on the upcoming National Electrical Code of India.
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