First Guitar Center Does Lay Offs And Now Fender


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Subject Index
00:00 Intro

01:00 First Guitar Center Does Lay Offs And Now Fender

16:01 What changes will the new guitar market bring?
24:11 Thoughts on new Smaller Epiphone guitars
29:00 You can have any tube amp you want in the bedroom now
34:44 my week off
37:20 Are Hybrid guitar amps the future?
43:30 How affiliate links work. Here is one you can use if you would like
48:47 My advise for building your first kit or parts guitar
54:54 My Kramer curse continues. Lol
59:35 The guitars behind me
1:04:58 Ways to cut back scratchy string sound when playing
1:06:58 Why Sweetwater really has 600 little online stores
1:11:54 Will covid era guitars be less valuable?
1:23:20 Why I check the temperature of the Blackstock pickups when testing them
1:42:10 Why we have a new disclaimer for companies and for you guys

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RJ's Cave guitar Youtube chanel

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