Fish Circuits Model One // Feat. Frank Brothers Ultralight & Benson Monarch // Guitar Pedal Demo

Today for our weekly pedal demo, we've got the @Fish Circuits Model One!


The Model One is a killer overdrive that can saturate a clean amp or push a broken up amp into amazing territory, including treble booster tones thanks to it's wildly powerful body control! It also sports two gain modes, with and without clipping diodes for a open or compressed, fuzzier sound.

I've got a Strat demo on the way soon where we will go through all the modes of this pedal and into a clean amp and dirty amp, but for this one I wanted to showcase my @Benson Amps Monarch on the edge, and the @Fish Circuits Model One pushing it over completely!

Also stoked to be featuring it with my @Frank Brothers Guitar Co. Ultralight with @Lollar Pickups El Rayo Humbuckers and a Lollar Firebird on a blender pot.

00:00 Introduction
01:55 Demo Begins, Bridge Humbucker, N Mode, Medium Gain and Level, Body set to Thin for Treble Booster tones, "Top" at Noon
02:34 Neck Humbucker
03:20 Middle Pickup Position - Neck and Bridge Humbuckers Parallel
03:47 Maxing out the "Top" knob for more Top end across middle pickup position and neck
04:30 Exploring Guitar Volume Knob Cleanup
05:28 Drive Control Cranked at varying levels of tone
06:19 Let's check out the middle EQ setting for Body switch
06:43 Neck Humbucker Cleanup
07:16 Bridge Pickup
08:08 Sparkling Middle Humbucker Parallel Position plus volume cleanup
08:34 Fattest Low End "Body" Settings
09:12 Blending in Middle Firebird Pickup with the Humbuckers
09:28 Blending in More Humbuckers
10:04 Readjusting Blend and Cleanup for Humbuckers and Firebird
10:19 Neck Pickup with Firebird
10:44 All Volumes on full blast with Firebird and Bridge Pickup

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