Fisher 800-B Restoration Overview & History - Rare 1960s Tube Receiver

In this video I review some historical context related to this rare Fisher tube receiver. I also cover all of its front panel controls, rear panel connections, and the restoration that was done to the unit.

Corrections: Apologies for referring to the 7591s as 5791 a couple of times. I am a bit dyslexic. I also slipped and called the white caps that couple the phase inverter tubes to the output tube grids "filter capacitors" these are indeed coupling capacitors.

00:00 - Introduction
00:50 - Historical Context
5:58 - Front Panel Control Review
10:51 - Rear Panel Review
14:49 - Restoration Review
25:00 - Bias Adjustment (IBAM)
34:35 - Bench Testing
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