Fishman Loudbox Mini does a great job also for electric guitars. Bedroom level or live performances.

The Fishman Loudbox Mini is really a 60 Watts amp (solid state) aimed mainly at acoustic guitars.
It has two channels that can be used for Instrument and Microphone. On board effects are Digital Reverb & Chorus.

By accident I found that it also works very well for electric guitars. If you want to do a combined acoustic/electric performance it can save you from dragging an additional tube amp - unless you really want to of course.

Gear used:
Fishman Loudbox Mini 60 W
Gibson J45 Standard w/ LR Baggs Anthem SL
Gibson ES-335 VOS 1963

00:00 intro jam
00:33 Presentation of the amp and pedals
03:10 Gibson J 45 acoustic guitar
04:50 Record a loop to play over
05:29 Switch to the ES-335
06:30 Will it handle an overdrive pedal
07:01 Bedroom levels
08:57 jamming to the acoustic loop
10:15 The electric guitar with overdrive engaged
10:46 The electric guitar with no overdrive
11:27 Final thoughts
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