Fixing a Mint 1995 Ram 2500 Cummins | Front End, Coolant Leaks, Major Service, Etc.

This 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 is basically mint, but it does have some minor issues. We do front brakes, front axle seals, Cummins valve adjustment, thermostat, transmission filter and bands, sending unit, coolant elbows, radio install, and lots more.

0:00 Intro and Testing
17:00 Parts
18:00 Sending Unit
23:33 Front Brakes
26:40 Ball Joints
32:48 More Front Brakes
34:09 Front Axle Seals
41:50 Even More Front Brakes
46:24 Transmission
49:32 Thermostat
53:18 Valve Adjustment
1:04:30 Start Up and Coolant
1:07:49 Radio
1:09:54 Test Drive and Wrap Up

Lang Wheel Stud Restoration Kit:
OTC Ball Joint Press:
Lisle Pickle Fork Set:

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