Fixing radio coils with the help some of polyester resin and plaster

The video tells everything. Fixing radio coils (at their ends, end-electrodes) with polyester resin and plaster, mixed with some hardener to make it cure after (say) 5-8 minutes.

Of course don’t immerse your radio/antenna coil with this mixture of resin/plaster. Otherwise the Q (=quality factor + resonance frequency) will be gone (!), due to the damping of the plaster/polyester resin.

So it is (only) usable to fix the “ends” of a radio coil, but sometimes not otherwise.

Correction: somewhere on 00.23 in the video I seem to say "etch", but I mean "end" (or edge).

Fixing the “ends” is showed here. You can mix the combination resin/plaster (= the volume ratio) to any extent: from a free flowing material to a paste or to a “lava like” creep material.

It all depends on the amount of plaster related to the amount of resin. Make a “paste” or a more fluid substance, whatever you need.

By the way: I did not test the complete covering of a radio coil with this plaster/polyester resin combination. Perhaps there will be a certain resonance on frequency “X”? Perhaps someone wants to try this out and give a report, I am interested.

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