Fizz Fuzz CREATOR Demo..Grote 335 guitar, tube amp...Fizz Fuzz Theme over...and..over :-)

Fizz Fuzz Creator is a Fizz Fuzz with knobs and switches galore for more control and access to the circuit. The Fizz Fuzz has two transistors in series, the Depth control pans between the outputs of each. The 'FIZZ Q1' knob is the same as all our other Fizz Fuzzes have. The 'FIZZ Q2' is the new extra knob.

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Video Guide:
0:00 - Settings close to the standard 'Fizz Fuzz',
1:36 - 'FIZZ Q1' knob increased to half-way.
3:17 - 'TONE Q1' switch moved from 'HI' to 'LOW' position
4:57 - 'GAIN Q1' switch moved from 'LO' to 'HI' position
6:38 - 'TONE Q2' switch moved from 'HI' to 'LOW' position
8:20 - 'FIZZ Q2' knob increased from 1/3 to a little past 2/3
10:04 - Intermission - Clean Tone
11:43 - 'Q1 TONE' set back to 'HI' again, 'Q2 GAIN' set to 'HI'.
13:17 - 'TONE Q1' back to 'LOW'; both 'FIZZ' knobs almost max'ed
14:56 - Both 'TONE' switches moved back to 'HI'
16:35 - 'Q1 GAIN', 'Q1 TONE' switches set to low. 'FIZZ Q1' decreased to 1/2
17:05 - Messed up and played with controls for the rest of the song
18:20 - Both 'FIZZ' knobs and 'DEPTH' turned up, switches are LO-HI-LOW-HI
20:08 - I spoke for the first time during the session and so the cat came over to say hi

There are two GAIN switches, one for each transistor. On original fuzzes of the 'Rite' variety, there were two versions, the silicone and the germanium. They had a different feedback resistor, with the germanium version using a 'high gain' (for lack of a better word) biasing and the later silicone version using something a little more forgiving. Although the Creator is using silicone transistors, being able to switch between the two modes for each transistor opens the door to new sounds, and the reason was to try and increase sustain and smooth out decay, as that is important to some people.

Also for each transistor there is a TONE switch which switches between the standard 'HI' position and two other positions with greatly increasing bass response. This is something that multiple customers asked for.

Aside from the Fizz Fuzz, the gear is as follows:

Guitar: 335 copy, "Grote" brand from "guitarsfactory" on eBay that I got a few years ago. Bridge humbucker, volume at 8 out of 10 throughout the video. Strings are Flat-wound 10's, took some getting used to after I got spoiled by playing that Stratocaster with the 9's

Amplifier: Monoprice Stage Right tube amp 30W, with some reverb going.
As usual, the SM30 clone mike (Pyle PDMIC78) at the speaker, going into the Presonus Audiobox and then Reaper DAW. No effects were added in Reaper. I left the volume constant between segments so that the settings shown result in the what you hear, provided YouTube doesn't alter that.

The rhythm guitar is also the same Grote with a mix of mostly bridge and a little neck pickup for bass. My reliable drummer is the Behringer RD-6

Garage Rabbit hole of the day, the Night Times :
The last setting (18:38) reminds me of the fuzz on the album version of this song by the NIGHT TIMES:
The cool video, however, seems to have a different fuzz:
And a live in the garage version:
And a different song by the Night Times in Spanish (was Wild Man in english)
Which leads us to this BONUS BAND

Thanks for Watching.
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