Fleetwood Deville Speaker Review. Beyond HiFi. My "Bucket List" Speaker.

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Fleetwood Sound Website: https://fleetwoodsound.com

This is my story of how I found out about and discovered the Fleetwood Deville speakers. This is also my review from a music enthusiasts point of view.

The Fleetwood Deville speakers are made of real wood right here in the USA. Fleetwood is a division of OMA (Oswald Mills Audio) and they make some truly special instruments of sound. Problem is, OMA designs cost a fortune. The Deville features trickle down tech from the OMA line and allows mere mortals like me to own a set. Yes they are expensive but for me they are worth the credit card bill I will be paying for years to come.

In this video I share sound demos, and try to relay my feelings for these speakers. They are unlike any speaker I have owned in my 35 years of this hobby.

Yes I still own my Klipsch LaScala, my Dynaudio Heritage Special and my Klipsch Heresy IV. I have given away my Sprout 100 and Wharfedale Diamond 225's (Christmas present to my Nephew).


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