FM DX Es - 020720 1554UTC - 88.1 BBC Radio 2 (G) North Hessary Tor (EN-DVN) 160kW 1399km

88.1 – C202, BBC_R2__ , id-radio 2, traffic-nx, pop-f, Sia-together, PTY:arspeech/t40-9, AF:#16-88.1;89.1-89.4;88.9-89.2;88.3-89.6;90.0-Filler;89.7-89.0;88.7-89.5;89.9-88.8;89.8-88.5; network pi: 2. 14:00 ; C201(89.6-99.2)C203(89.8-92.0)C204(88.9-93.3)C91A(BBC Devon:104.3-94.8)CA1A, C411, CA19, C2A1, C202;
88.1 m s G BBC R2 C202 BBC Radio 2 en North Hessary Tor (EN-DVN) 160kW 1399km 285°

FM DX Videos from the North (Waldviertel region) and East (Vienna) of Austria.
Receiver: ELAD FDM-SW2
Screenrecording: OBS + Bandican
Antenna: Gorenje 5 elements, directed to westnorthwest (Waldviertel) and amplifier integrated Indoor Antenna (Vienna)
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