FM DX Es - 160619 0813UTC - 68.54 (/66.44) Radio Rossii (RUS) Smolensk/RTPS (SM) 17kW 1328km

68.54 // 66.44 klmx, concert

68.54 h s RUS Radio Rossii (GTRK Smolensk) ru Smolensk/RTPS (SM)
17kW 1328km 53°

66.44 h p RUS Radio Rossii (Radio 1 Podmoskov'ye) ru Moskva/Ostankino (MV) 10kW 1699km 54°

FM DX Videos from the North (Waldviertel region) and East (Vienna) of Austria.
Receiver: ELAD FDM-SW2 + RDS Spy
Screenrecording: OBS + Bandicam
Antenna: Gorenje 5 elements, directed to westnorthwest (Waldviertel) and amplifier integrated Indoor Antenna (Vienna)
Es-Record: 3415km - Vienna to Kuwait - 210620 0959UTC 89.5 R.Kuwait Main Arabic
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