FM Transmitter Circuit / 50 Meters Range FM Transmitter / FM Transmitter Project

This video is about FM transmitter construction this video consists of all the required components for FM Transmitter and shows all the connections that are being made very clearly, FM transmitter uses Radio waves this particular FM transmitter is tuned at a frequency of 98.2 M Hz.

Major component for producing frequency is oscillator unit of this FM Transmitter Circuit which comprises of variable capacitor and an inductor, FM transmitter could be used in multiple projects like Walkie Talkie, Intercom and even in remote controlled cars and drones.

This design of FM Transmitter is really cheap this particular circuit could be constructed within 1 USD and also this could be converted into long range FM Transmitter.

Once Soldered this FM transmitter could become very useful as this could be used in places where you might be needing remote audio monitoring, Antenna size really matters, for better transmission it is required that antenna should be at least 0.25 * Wavelength of transmission radio wave.

This Fm transmitter can be made easily to Long Range FM Transmitter by using amplifier circuits, Long Range FM Transmitter it self can have many uses it could be used for setting up long range cimmunication network, apart from converting it into FM transmitter this design can be made to act like a FM repeater ofcourse by implementing certain changes in circuit design on which I might work in upcoming videos.
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