Focus on Creating an A/V Sync Within Isadora 11/10/21

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In our labs last week, we figured out how to build an audio sync test in Isadora. We’ll show you how we did it and talk about what’s next.

Office Hours for Nov 10, 2021 - Office Hours 596
00:00 Intro
01:24 For telestration on the ATEM, what would you prefer - iPad pro or a Wacom tablet? And why?
03:56 On the ZoomISO comparison page, it mentions that Zoom Rooms NDI offers isolated audio. Is this really true or does that require talent to be in breakout rooms?
05:32 In a high-volume Q&A situation – with questions submitted in text, but answered in person - is it preferable to group and generalize similar questions together, and lose the personal touch, or still just pick out the leaders by name?
09:06 What are some good guidelines on balancing that side-tone with the other program audio coming through?
10:07 Is this a good time to buy Black Magic Design products, or would you wait for new products from BMD?
12:49 Has anyone on the panel used the remote NDI connections on NewTek's NDI 5 Bridge?
15:50 Should we be using a multiband broadcast processor for OH 2.0 audio?
18:17 Family! Anything special planned for the 600th episode?
19:22 For those who have used 80/20 to build sets, can you share pros and cons of using it?
22:05 I'm planning to bite the bullet and get an ATEM soon. What are the panel's recommendations for accessories (such as HDMI cables)?
25:50 Are there any lower-cost/open-source alternatives to Unity Intercom for production communication in the cloud?
26:51 If you use ATEM 40x40 router and a Constellation, what is the preferred way to set it up?
30:43 What are your thoughts on yesterday's coverage of Office Hours and The Belfast Method on NPR Show "Here & Now"?
31:33 Mix Effects just released a 32 button Stream Deck Companion profile for full control of the ATEM Extreme. Does anyone plan on using it?
32:25 I sorely miss Aperture from Apple for managing my photos library. I have Lightroom and Luminar from Skylum. Never deep dived into either of the two. Are there other recommendations before placing my precious library into any of them.
34:55 Framily! For interactive virtual experiences - panel, cooking class, etc. Would you rather mixpre6 or x32? And why?
36:10 Blender or Cinema 4D, what's your preference?
37:56 Looking to add a HyperDeck Studio HD Plus to an ATEM Mini Extreme ISO. Is there a direct connection? Is it only through a network? How does that work? Best practices for setting up please.
40:10 What is the best way to import footage recorded on an iPhone 13 Pro Max.
40:57 Enterprise employees attending conferences will often have cost-center codes to book their time to – with an allowance per year for such time. How might such time be tracked if virtual conferences become much more distributed over time?
43:23 With Unity purchasing Weta Digital along with the latest 2021.2 release supporting native M1 editing, would Unity be a better engine to work with for Mac users versus Unreal?
45:05 Would plugins like Waves Abbey Road Saturator ([link]) give you pleasing saturation in the digital domain?
47:18 there has been videos of the new MBP M1 Pro and M1 Max being put to the test with Davinci Resolve Fusion. Wondering if there are similar test done in FCP on these new MBP.
51:48 A discussion before the show mentioned the characteristic echoing sound of "horn-driven" PA systems. What is the best defense against said effect? Proper speaker placement, alignment/delay, or both?
52:39 has there ever been a discussion about what hardware/software is needed for a studio production for (internet) streaming ? if yes can you link it ?
1:00:00 Isadora (More questions in comments)

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