Focus on Getting the Most of Office Hours 12/03/21

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We’ll discuss the opportunities in OH and how to get the most out of it.

Office Hours for Dec 3, 2021 - Office Hours 619
00:00 Intro
02:10 During yesterday's preshow while training a panelist on cutting the show, a comment was made that "Spotlight messes things up". I that just an issue in Office Hours? I use it all the time in regular meetings/webinars, and never saw any issue with it.
03:38 Is there a low-cost audio meter app for Windows that is a stand-alone app, not a plug-in (like WLM)?
04:47 One of the rituals I've enjoyed is the pre-show conversation, and IMHO it helps build a stronger community. (I always put it on in the car in the morning.) Will that continue in the OH 2.0 era?
06:01 For running running video calls in an open plan office, would the panel recommend the Logitech Brio or Streamcam and what microphone? All to be connected to a 13in M1 MacBook Pro.
08:27 How do you use a color chart in post that you shot at the head of your video shoot?
12:53 If you were using lighting visualization software, how could you build a realistic base model of a venue? Could you use photogrammetry to create a USDZ file?
15:11 What is the appropriate age to start learning about video production?
18:22 When using a webinar, can you upgrade and downgrade a panelist at any time during the show?
19:48 I'm certain this has been covered multiple times, but can someone point to an Office/After Hours archive that speaks to low latency usb audio capture please? (dealing with audio lagging video in resulting stream)
21:06 When the State of Illinois initially eased COVID restrictions, they allowed live venues to produce streamed events with a crew of "no more than 10." Would Belfasting be the most effective strategy to minimize crew size, or would Universe be better?
23:31 What USB-C Charger do you use to power BM Micro Converter SDI to HDMI 3G.
25:42 Tips, technique, accessories, for cable management in your workstations.. because despite my best efforts, 2 weeks later, what a mess...
29:48 Did anyone watch Annie on NBC last night? Where were the mics hidden?
33:45 For the tricaster in my synagogue sanctuary, how would you recommend doing clip playback?
36:10 the Panel suggestions for celebrating 25 episodes of CWTM?
36:51 What settings would you use to upload a full 1080 video to Vimeo Cloud? VBR 2 pass, CBR, 20MBS?
38:52 When someone changes states in Zoom - from breakout room to main room, or from webinar attendee to presenter, etc. - any chat messages posted before the change aren't visible. They only see new posts. Is there a workaround?
39:54 If you need to extend the cable from BlackMagic PRO6k to your Atem PRO , what convertors do you use to cover 30 m in length ?
42:59 Now that some of us are returning to public events is it appropriate to include sneakers as business casual? I walk miles when doing a live event and need to protect my feet.
46:49 When Alex entered the meeting there was a "tell tale" yellow frame... Alex??? Have you been playing with Snap Camera?
47:53 If Spotlighting causes problems with OHs, are you letting Zoom swap to speaker view automatically or is the producer/switcher doing something manually to promote individual speakers to the main view?
48:58 I hear that most of you use Raspberry PI in the setup. Can you give me an idea how to use mine in a stream/zoom/hybrid event setup?
50:25 Where would be a could place to ask for brainstorming on doing a new interactive low-tech "birding" show? Office Hours? After Hours? Zoom Test Kitchen Someplace else?
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