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Office Hours for March 2, 2022 - Office Hours 708
00:00 Countdown
6:33 Introductions
07:44 How do you deal with a prospective client who might be new to contracting for A/V services, and who shows up with Champagne and caviar appetites but only a beer budget?
12:10 What's the opinion of the basic ATEM mini for small scale streaming? The Pro and the ISO are way outside my budget but I can pick up a 2nd hand ATEM for about $350 Australian.
Should I?
14:06 More talk yesterday about Apple's expected dark mode website toggle for Safari. Are you excited? Anyone else hoping it will work on More white space than the Antarctic on some of those pages.
16:07 A colleague is running into issues with his Teradek Bolt 4k systems. He has a both a 750 and a 1500, and he's getting frequent dropouts even when the receiver is only 10-15' away. Should he be chasing frequency conflicts? Any other ideas?
17:15 What is the best way to get the word out across OH/AH to recruit help? Hoping to develop an iOS app for one of our AH members who is training for the paralympics in swimming. Already shared on #i-need-help in Discord. Other suggestions?
19:58 Anyone attending USITT in Baltimore? I will be there on Friday supporting virtual theatre and performances. Would love to see any OH folks at the trade show, and plan to report back to the group after!
23:57 What are the panels favourite apps for storyboarding ideas for shows or other productions?
26:17 Is there a "noise assist" type filter for OBS? I know it wouldn't be fantastic, but is there something that is at least slightly usable?
27:19 Following up on the request yesterday regarding making the Filmic Remote iOS App available on Apple M1 devices. Express your enthusiasm to the folks at Filmic. [email protected]
28:15 Is an external mic necessary when filming a video message given by one person using an iphone13 to be shared over Zoom? I’m Looking at a “Shure MV88 Portable iOS Mic for iPhone” or “Lav Mic with Adapter Compatible with iPhone”- Am I on right track?
30:29 Yesterday in After Hours, John Ittelson showed a Radial Engineering J-ISO that he uses to take balanced audio from his mixer to his ATEM (unbalanced). What are these devices called in general and does anyone have other recommendations?
31:19 I could not be on yesterday for the 2.0 review, will there be a time in AH where we can get a review for those of us could not be present?
31:37 Pres. Biden mentioned in the SOTU that "It's time for Americans to get back to work. People working from home can feel safe to begin to return to the office." Is the US Government overlooking the benefits of remote and distributed work?
32:05 I want to use a Rode Video Mic shotgun mic in my car while on road trips. That part is easy, but I want to use an in-ear as well. Is this possible? Adapter link?
35:32 Is there a way to set a second scene with the same audio source in OBS with a different delay setting on audio?
36:22 Need a ruthless review of my glasses. I'll be replacing them in the next few weeks and want a pair that looks best on OH
38:46 Is there a noise reduction plugin for X32 for live use? Been having some good results in Resolve using the noise reduction effect.
39:56 Has anyone used the Alfred App for Mac? Deeper, wider search than Spotlight. Add on-the-fly variables to custom searches: then find/copy/paste a file into email, log into website X or Y, or search a month's worth of screen caps. [link]
40:54 Pres. Biden also mentioned that most Federal workers will return to in-person work. Do you think that is a case of returning to what they know, or are there specific advantages in most cases?
43:06 I stream for my local church with OBS. I use CASTR to multicast to Facebook live, YouTube and Twitch. OBS doesn’t show dropped frames but Facebook does and occasionally freezes. Other streams are stable. Thoughts.
44:55 is it time for Alex, to demo a brief keynote during OH for newbies watching OH
46:15 Giving my niece a monitor for use with MacBook Pro M1, as external for House of worship secondary display any other suggestions?
49:30 More questions in comments

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