Focusrite ISA ONE: Affordable HI END?

Looking for a top tier mic preamp? That you can ACTUALLY afford? WITH a DI that's great? Focusrite might have a contender in the ISA ONE. Sign up & you might just WIN one of these:

Get it at Sweetwater: (affiliate Link)

0:00 Nerd-Off Time
0:18 The ISA One
2:15 Technical Details & Features
6:56 Acoustic Demo
8:05 Stereo Acoustic Demo
9:12 Voiceover Demo
10:06 Reading Example
10:29 Dante Configuration
12:46 Gibson Picked Soft
13:08 Gibson Picked Hard
13:31 High Gain Passive Guitar Demo
14:36 High Gain Active Guitar Demo
16:05 Full Mix
17:02 Final Thoughts, Contest, & Outro

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