Folie à Deux and the Rise of Denialism:  @Torshaa reacts

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Folie à Deux and the Rise of Denialism: @Torshaa reacts

@torshaa reacts to:
I debunked The MaNoSpHerE:
Her Description Says:

"Well this time I decided to investigate the Manosphere. The cult mentality of Red Pill think, how they monetise it, the narrative they are selling to their followers, and how this can result in some young men being funnelled into the alt-right pipeline."

Dark Triad Reproductive Advantage:
Oral Contraception Statistics:
0:00 intro
3:00 Music by Mav Ends
8:00 Purpose of Audiogram
8:22 Who is Robert Sapolsky
8:42 Why We Do What We Do
9:15 First Video Begins
10:00 Neuron &Environment & Hormones
11:30 Be really cautious before you judge
12:33 Fantasy
13:08 What would you do to h*tler?
14:00 We love violence
15:00 Motoric Component
17:00 Frontal Cortex Won’t Work
20:00 Evolution of genes
25:00 Human Change & Transformation
25:18 First Video ends
29:30 Video Begins
30:15 Red Pill & incels- Left &...
32:00 Fresh & Fit
35:00 Champagne Socialist
45:00 People Who Love To Argue
50:21 I Don't Like When People F w/ Good People
1:00:00 Ad Homs boring
1:00:22 Men Can’t be victims!
1:07:50 Grandiosity
1:08:05 Thank You For The Superchat Max
1:15:00 LOL brb
1:22:30 My Backround With Communicating W/Clinically Delusional peeps
1:30:00 Yes Myron Has To Run The Show
1:39:30 Frank Castle doesnt come from nowhere
1:40:30 Malenese & Womanese Translation of FNF Chats lol
1:57:00 Propaganda from the 60s "Emasculate him!"
1:57:57 Happiness Statistics smh
1:59:00 Women Didn't Want to Go to WAR not necessarily work smh
2:00:00 PARETO PRINCIPLE is incorrect (80% are not F-in 20%)
2:01:00 Alphas
2:02:00 Manosphere is trying to HELP men
2:05:00 LISTEN UP
2:15:00 Hypergamy isn't bad smh
2:29:00 Misconceptions about ^
2:30:00 Average girl could get a rich guy
2:30:39 Do Dark Traits Offer a Reproductive Advantage? Source in Description.
2:32:00 Women are attracted to dark triad
2:33:00 Hormonal Birth Control IMPAIRS a Womans ability to mate select
2:34:00 How Many Women Go on and off of Birth Control? Source in description
2:35:30 Narcissism Does Make Them Attractive..
2:36:00 Men Go For Youth Feminine & Physical Attractiveness
2:37:30 JBP Impersonation
2:38:00 JBP Hypergamy- Women Date Up and Across Hierarchies
2:38:15 Men Mate across and down
2:38:32 Hypergamy DIDNT exist but now she admits it does in SOME places?
2:39:00 Evolutionary Biology Doesn't Exist but now shes saying hypergamy exists???
2:39:30 Does she know how to read a graph? GRAPH*
2:40:00 YoU cOuLd HaVe EdIteD ThAt Out lmao
2:40:35 Fertility Lower in Wealthier Countries...ya no shit
2:42:00 Median Age of first marriage Graph*
2:45:00 I was Homeless lol
2:47:00 Incels & JBP & A False Claim omg
2:47:30 We're Doing Multiple Videos
2:47:40 THERE ARE TWO wage gaps ugh sry
2:48:00 The one on Median Weekly/10%/DISCRIMINATION
2:49:47 JBP Multi vary analysis
2:50:00 You Can sue on discrimination
2:51:00 Cathy Newman WASNT wrong actually...ik...
3:00:00 Camile Paglia & JBP
3:01:00 Understand This First Before Watching JBP convo w/ Camile*
3:03:00 The Art History Trends Will Help You To Understand ^
3:07:00 Her Reason Why Women Divorce but says STATS are FALSE?
3:08:50 egalitarian COUNTRIES ARE RICHER NO SH*T

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