Fortnite STW Stonewood endurance build AFK 2022 - South East amplifier - South direction

* hey every one this is the last amplifier for Stonewood make sure to check the other videos for the whole build
* Since I don't have this amplifier in my base I have over built some parts to make sure like some block offs and spawn cover but you can add as much extra traps as you need ( like expanding the tunnel or adding more spawn cover)
* test it and if you got any issues fell free to comment it help help you
* in this video I will show you how to solo endurance afk the whole 30 waves
in Stonewood -Fortnite save the world
* you don't need to use high level traps it caps to lvl 79 anyway so any lvl close to that will do the job perfectly
*Note : a lot of traps to ensure the win because some people don't have all godroll traps or have low durability

use code : LARSIS in the item shop
discord: https://discord.gg/hcZpqterpd
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