Free English Class! Topic: Music!

In this free English class I'll help you learn English words and phrases about music. We'll talk about all kinds of things related to music: songs, lyrics, choirs and more! During the lesson I'll go over pronunciation, phrases, descriptions, and help you learn all about the words and phrases we use when talking about music in English.

In this English lesson you'll learn words and phrases like soundtrack, concert, live performance, guitar solo and more!

Remember, this will be much more than an English vocabulary lesson. It will be a great opportunity to practice your English listening skills, as well as interact with me and ask a question!

I hope this English lesson about music is a great help to you as you continue to learn English.


⌛ Remember: Always watch the video three times. Twice today with English subtitles on, and once tomorrow with the English subtitles off. This will reinforce the English you have learned!


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