FreqTube Saturation Box Review (4 Tubes / Digital Recall / USB C interfacing)

In this video I review the amazing FreqTube saturation box. 4 tubes can be used to saturate audio is a really musical and pleasing way. Instant recall and plugin control make this such an innovative product. Up until May 2023 we have been given an exclusive discount code that can be used to get 10% off a FreqTube when bought through SX Pro (exclusive UK supplier) via the link below.

Discount Code: AUDIOANIMALS10 (valid until May 2023)
Buy Here ► https://sxpro.co.uk/freqport-ft-1-freqtube/

Freqport are reinventing analogue through core technology that allows real hardware to run as plugins within your digital workflow – not only for control but with bit perfect high end audio. Simply by connecting USB.

“After many years of refining what is a difficult technical problem, we've developed a platform that makes freqport possible.

Our first product is the FT-1 freqtube with 4 independent tube channels, two tube types, parallel and primary analogue-processing paths with hardware filters for each channel. Perfect for warming up any digital sound, mastering or production use.”

◉ Connect to host using only a USB-C cable.
◉ High voltage internal tube driver circuits.
◉ High end pro-grade 32bit converters up to 192kHz sample rate.
◉ 2 x E83CC/12AX7 high gain top quality tubes
◉ 2 x 12AT7 mid gain preamplifier tubes for softer character.
◉ Selectable overdrive with clipping detection.
◉ Assignable knobs for tactile tweaking of analogue parameters.
◉ Analogue gain, mixing, drive, phase control and harmonics control.
◉ Primary and parallel multi-mode hardware filters.
◉ Multi-Instance (run multiple instances simultaneously anywhere in your digital workflow)
◉ Seamless bit perfect audio transfers into your digital workflow
◉ Recall of all analogue parameters - each time you revisit your mix the settings will be the same!
◉ Solid all metal enclosure.


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