Friedman Mini BE 30w Guitar Amplifier Head - Pedal Empire

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The Friedman BE Mini Guitar Amplifier packs a whole lotta punch in a small package. It provides the soaring sustain and creamy distortion of the classic BE Amplifier and the BE OD pedal that Friedman are famous for, while being small enough to fit in a backpack! It is incredibly light weight and astonishingly loud. Its buffered effects loop makes for using time based effects a breeze and when you get some air moving, you wouldn't believe this amp is tubeless.

Check out the Friedman BE Mini 30w Amp Head Here:

If you want to know what gear we are using:
Cabinet: Benson Amps 1x12 Cabinet:
Cables: Best-Tronics Cables​
Guitar: Heritage Guitars H-150 Cherry Sunburst

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