FS 4 - Making a Schematic Neat in KiCad

The fifth video in my series of tutorial videos intended for Formula Student members.

This video revisits the process of creating a schematic in KiCad, this time focusing on more advanced techniques for improving simplicity and clarity:

What happens when:
0:00 Introduction
0:13 Thank you!
0:25 What we are aiming for
0:37 Do this from the start of your project
1:15 What are schematic sheets
2:50 Adding a new sheet
3:46 General tidying
4:36 Hierarchical labels
5:36 Net and global labels
7:10 Integrating the new sheet
7:38 Adding the display digit sheet
8:15 What to add hierarchical labels to
9:46 Adding sheet pins
9:56 Changing pin direction
10:21 Duplicating a sheet
11:02 Connecting external circuitry
12:31 Connections between sheets
12:47 Symbols in the root schematic
13:15 Drawing graphic lines
13:41 Adding text labels
13:58 Add many boxes
14:20 Why we do all this
14:40 Text notes
14:58 Conclusion

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