Full New Surround Sound Upgrade With MASSIVE Bass | Behind The Sound - VW T5 Caravellle

In the final volume of Behind The Sound on the VW T5 Caravelle, we give you a full walkaround of the complete sound upgrade, fully tuned to give a totally immersive experience wherever you're sat!

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This T5 has undergone a total audio transformation, while retaining the factory headunit. We have installed all new speaker components in the A pillars, front doors and rear quarters, as well as a subwoofer under the drivers seat, all of which runs fully active from the amplification rack placed under the passenger seat.

In any sound system, one of the most important details is soundproofing throughout the vehicle. Without soundproofing, you get rattles and resonations from door cards, cables and plugs, but also a lot of road noise. Soundproofing prevents this by adding a 3mm layer from Skinz to all available panel space. This also helps creates a better acoustic environment for the upgraded speakers, by altering the way sound resonates within the door itself.

In this T5, we have soundproofed the front doors fully. There are 3 layers to soundproof, and being a van, there is a large amount of sheet metal to deal with. The inner skin of the door, the middle layer housing the speaker and cables, and the door card itself have all been soundproofed. Additionally, the rear quarter panels of the van have been soundproofed, especially around the area where the rear speakers are placed.

For the audio upgrade itself, there is a significant overhaul of the audio components but also the amplification power being fitted. In the front end, Hertz Mille Legend ML280 tweeters which have been relocated flush into the A Pillars. The original tweeter location was in the dash, facing up towards the windscreen. This is very much a suboptimal location for tweeters, as the sound just bounces off the glass and around the cabin, losing direction. To make the tweeters more driver focused, they are flushed within the A pillars, which brings them much higher and creates a more directional sound. If desired, custom A Pillars could be fabricated to put tweeters even more on axis for the best performance possible.

Within the doors of the T5, we've fitted the Hertz Mille Legend ML 1800 drivers, which provide excellent mid-bass with the rollover design on the edge of the cone, which allows for a lot of excursion within the cone itself.

The front end is finished off utilising an Audison Prima 10" subwoofer which is fitted into a sub box designed to fit below the drivers seat. Being mounted on the floor in this way allows the bass to transmit very efficiently throughout the vehicle.

In the rear quarter panels, we have installed the Hertz Mille Pro MPX 165 co-axial speakers, which fill the rear of the vehicle with amazing quality sound. Co-Axial speakers have a tweeter built into the cone design, to give a good all in one sound for both high end clarity and also mid bass volume, which allows us to utilise the single factory speaker mounting point on each side to provide a much greater upgrade in sound quality.

This system is all powered by 2 Audison amplifiers which are fitted below the passengers seat. An Audison AP 8.9 Bit runs alongside an AP F1D amplifier, providing 9 full channels of amplification, while also utilising the full 9 channels of processing power from the 8.9. This gives a huge amount of power across the system in a very compact form factor.

To control the tune of the system, there is a DRC controller mounted below the factory radio in the dashboard, which allows the customer to change between audio preset's, to adjust sub volumes, and bias the system towards either the front or rear cabins. This has been tuned using time alignment around the different speakers to allow for the music to be focussed either to the driver, or to the rear cabin, for an immersive experience wherever you are sat.

The customer provided us with a list of songs often listened to by himself and his family, and these were used to tweak the tune and DRC presets to ensure all the music they listen to sounds amazing, be it acoustic or electronic music, with very bright vocals or very deep bass. We also utilised the BitTune system from Audison, which allows for a full electronic tune to set up the EQ and initial time alignment within the vehicle, for the most accurate base tune possible, before final tweaks are made by our team.

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