Gaano Katotoo Ang Module At Bakit Marami Ang Gumagawa, RCA Module Version Assemble With Diagram

RCA Module Version, viewers request, gumamit ako ng rca, resistor at mylar capacitor.
May diagram na kasama upang mas masundan ng gustong gumawa.

Resistor 1K 1/2 watt, 2 pcs.
Mylar capacitor 2A104J, 2 pcs.
Copper wire 16 guage

Audio Equipment:
Amplifier assembled, Yiroshi driver
Speaker without tweeter
RCA, 3.5mm jack

Playlists module

Pure Bass Nga Ba Ang Module, Tara Sound Testing Tayo

Module Assembling Process:

Module Unbalance Mono:

Module Na Viral Sa Cebu City 6 input 6 output 12 XLR Ipapamigay Ko | Module Diagram Explained

rca module
module diagram
xlr module
module diagram ng cebu
module diagram software engineering
i/o module diagram
ca515 module diagram
module hierarchy diagram
dm0465r module diagram
bluetooth module diagram
ipm module diagram
module decomposition diagram
bass module diagram
io module diagram
module connection diagram

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