Gallien Krueger Fusion 112 Combo VS Mark Bass Mini CMD 121P

All information about the video follows below ↓ ↓ ↓

Forgive me if I didn't cover all the sounds you wanted to hear.
Because of more sound controls and options on Gallien -Krueger (two different clean channels + drive channel, Horn options, more sound filters etc, I only used clean channel on Gallien Krueger.
Also, because Piezo on Mark Bass can not be turned off, horn on GK was alway on - ''low'' settings.
Both Amps are compared in straight 12 o'clock EQ setup without any filters, and also with some filters and EQ, that I found comparable.

For full Gallien-Krueger Fusion 112 Combo sound test see my other video:

Neumann U47 Fet Mic used for the test, as D.I. (with no mic) pre EQ.
No D.A.W. spices added.
Audiointerface - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

Bass guitars in this test:
Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Precision 2019__DR Lo Rider 40-100
Music Man Stingray Special 4H 2018__Elixir Nanoweb 45-100
Intro Music theme recorded through Gallien-Krueger D.I. post EQ and Sandberg California TM4 bass.

0:55 Passive bass - All EQ Flat - No Filters Used - Pick
2:10 Passive bass - D.I. pre EQ - Pick
3:29 Passive bass - EQ + Filters - Pick
4:42 Passive bass - EQ + Filters - Fingerstyle / Slap
6:08 Active bass - All EQ Flat - No Filters Used - Fingerstyle
7:04 Active bass - EQ + Filters - Fingerstyle
8:03 Active bass - EQ + Filters - Slap

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