Gallien-Krueger Fusion S Series Heads: Complete Overview and Demo

Bob and Forest Gallien from Gallien-Krueger go through a complete overview of the Fusion S Series Heads. Covering every aspect of the amps, from tone controls to construction features. The goal of this video was to demonstrate not only the best way to approach setting up your Fusion S head out of the box, but to also cover what each function and feature on the amp does. This is the most comprehensive video about the Fusion S Heads and a great starting place for anyone who owns a Fusion S Head or is thinking about purchasing one. This video can also be applied to the Fusion Series Combos, which use the exact same power amp and preamp as the Fusion 800S. For more sound and playing examples please check out previous videos on GK's channel. If you're looking for a specific feature, check out the timestamps below!

0:00 - Intro
0:06 - Basic Setup
0:50 - Trim Control
3:48 - Voicing Filters
8:22 - Four-Band EQ
12:34 - Tube Overdrive
15:25 - Rear Panel Features
17:24 - Construction Features
18:54 Technology
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