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The Genelec 6040R Smart Active loudspeaker provides a combination of exceptional sound quality, excellent acoustic performance and balanced aesthetics. Made of recycled, die-cast aluminium, the speaker features professional-grade LF drivers and a pedestal with class D amplification and a digital signal processor (DSP). This top-class active speaker is suited for both home audio use as well as professional monitoring applications, and you can use it with or without a subwoofer. It is simple to set up and can be optimised for any acoustic environment. 

The 6040R Smart Active loudspeaker is the first launch in Genelec’s Signature Series, consisting of reimagined and upgraded versions of Genelec classics. Its successor is the legendary 6040A loudspeaker from 2001. As a result of the long product development, the 6040R speaker has an extremely precise reproduction, smooth frequency response and low distortion, as well as increased power output, lower power consumption and higher sound pressure level. The speaker is built to the highest environmental standards.

The Genelec speakers have been designed to provide the listeners with even the most subtle nuances without removing or adding anything to the original sound. The rounded lines and refined design by Harri Koskinen gives the Genelec speakers a lovely, Scandinavian vibe. The Genelec speakers are manufactured in Iisalmi, Finland.

Key technologies:

Smart Active Monitor (SAM) Systems: automatic calibration to the environment (can be controlled with the Genelec GLM system)
Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) Technology for flat on- and off-axis response
Active crossover operating at low signal levels
Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) for power consumption reduction in stand-by mode
Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) for uncoloured sound reproduction
Each transducer is driven by its own optimised amplifier
Protection circuitry for safe operation

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